Covid -19 Protocol

We are so grateful to Friendship Baptist Church for allowing us to have an in-person tournament this year at their facility. As you know, privileges come with responsibilities. So, we are making some changes this year!

1. Masks will be worn by all competitors, parents, and judges.

2. When you are giving your speech or delivering your debate, you may take your mask off.

3. Masks must be worn in the Student Room, the Judges Room, and the hallways. This is a decision made by our facility that we gladly accommodate for the privilege of having an in-person tournament.

4. No fist bumps or shaking hands with the judges. Please thank them politely and allow the judges leave the room first.

5. Hall Monitors will disinfect surfaces between rounds.

6. All students are required to turn in a Medical Release Form for both Green Country Challenge and Friendship Baptist Church.

Link to Green Country Challenge Medical Release
Friendship Baptist Church Covid Clause